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Developing skills that achieve results

Roeder Consulting offers Team Development opportunities for businesses wanting to improve their portfolio management, program and project management outcomes, and increase the effectiveness of their change management efforts, by developing better PMO practices and team skills.

Your company can take advantage of our Team Development services through Coaching, Speaking engagements or Training programs. Each tailored to your unique needs. Click below or scroll to learn more.

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Roeder Consulting provides coaching solutions that meet organizational requirements at the project, program or portfolio level.

Our professional and deeply experienced coaches partner with executive leaders, groups, and individual team members. We help refine skills in planning, organizing, leading, and executing for success.

As coaches, the Roeder team can engage alongside your resources at the beginning of a project or change initiative, during the project, or as a part of your closing lessons learned to help improve execution efficiencies and level-up skills for your next kickoff and launch.


While individual projects may be temporary, the desired outmode of a project is typically ongoing results.

Roeder Consulting helps ensure ongoing results through customized training based on your unique needs and Roeder’s primary organizing frameworks, The Roeder Method™ and A Sixth Sense for Project Management®

Our training programs include: Project Management Fundamentals, Advanced Project Management, Sponsor Training, and Stakeholder Management. We tailor our training to your business requirements … never delivering the same program twice. Click the Request Information link and tell us how we can help.

Project Examples

Training on The Roeder Method™

Since 2018, following The Roeder Method™, a global food service company reports that they have realized over $14M in savings and continues to see these savings benefits compile through ongoing training programs led by Roeder Consulting. Our client was able to take the principles learned and apply them to their unique needs, systems, and collaborative...

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