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CONSULTING – Financial Sector

One of the largest national bank-finance financial services companies in the United States had a vision to enhance their commercial credit risk data foundation by building improved analytical capabilities to better understand, capture, connect, and leverage data across the organization. This meant they needed to know how the end-to-end operations functioned today, what tools and methods were being used, and where the data stores lived. 

Roeder Consulting was chosen to assist the Project leadership team in developing the processes and interview structures, scheduling and data collection methods needed to evaluate the full extent of current operations and data repositories in use.  

The consulting efforts were focused on developing the financial services teams Project and Change management capabilities from a coaching perspective as well as delivering the final products the organization needed to initiate the next phases of the initiatives.

The output of the current-state discovery work not only detailed how the commercial credit operation worked today but quickly identified many avenues of improvement. The final detailed roadmap Roeder Consulting delivered enabled bank leadership to develop a phased approach and budget guides for the next steps in achieving their desired improved analytical capabilities.