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CONSULTING – Non Profit Sector

A non-profit public relations organization with a track record of delivering complex projects in record time needed to develop a better, less hectic way of getting things done. While delivering success wasn’t an issue, the burden and toll taken on team members was identified as a risk. Roeder’s client needed to perform an assessment on how team members were getting things done and determine how to make the delivery of high-quality less stressful and ultimately become better at planning for success rather than simply delivering it.  

The Roeder team did what they do best – listen. Through deep-listening, discovery sessions with key contributors, the Roeder team base lined the client’s understanding of what made historical wins so successful. In creating a detailed interview guide and extending these interviews to the broader organizational teams, Roeder Consulting developed a better, more inclusive approach, incorporating the components and principles of The Roeder Method™ and A Sixth Sense for Project Management® and distilling these successes into a training roadmap and execution plan that the client could follow to continue their successes while lessening the intensity on individuals.