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Project Leader’s Mastermind

Unlike any other experience, our Project Leader’s Mastermind connects select senior-level leaders in a dynamic small group setting and fosters personal interaction and in-depth professional discussion.

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Select, Focused and Valuable

Project Leader’s Mastermind offers a unique opportunity to connect personally with professional colleagues and peers who “get it.” These connections allow us to nurture meaningful interactions and foster relationships that recharge, renew, regenerate and reinvigorate our professional perspective. And in the rapidly changing world we work in, membership is more necessary than ever with leaders from Fortune 500 firms, midsize firms and rapidly-growing startups. Members benefit from a variety of industry experiences, including but not limited to: 

Manufacturing, real estate, software development, construction,  government contracting, global consulting, food production , banking, environmental and legal services.

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Platform to vet plans for projects and change initiatives in a “safe space”
  • Tools to drive business performance and improve customer experience, employee morale and team collaboration
  • Access to real-time “ask the expert” platform for templates, pointers and answers to project management question
  • Up to three additional members from your organization are invited to join our monthly online meeting select times each year, often when exclusive industry experts are invited to speak

Member Led – Experienced Facilitation

Roeder Consulting’s Project Leader’s Mastermind is structured to deliver timely and pertinent content on topics that are valuable to professionals in project, program, and change management.  

Member-led monthly Deep Dives create an opportunity for members to present their ideas, requirements, and challenges in a roundtable-style session. During these sessions, members share their insights, pose questions, and offer recommendations and support to peers. The Deep Dives, led by members, not only contribute to the development of the community but also facilitate collaborative problem-solving.


Our virtual meetings occur twice per month: a one-hour professional development workshop, and a separate four-hour “Deep Dive” that focuses on opportunities presented by members.

Our annual, 2 1/2 day in-person/virtual meeting consists of guest speakers,  educational sessions, team building exercises and the ability to network with your fellow Project Leader’s Mastermind members.

The cost of membership allows access to the broadest range of experts. A one-year membership is comparable to a typical week-long industry seminar. At $3900 per year ($975 per quarter*) Project Leader’s Mastermind is priced well below the typical cost of a Mastermind group of this value.

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Project management is a daunting undertaking for any professional, but having the right organization to support your goals in this industry is crucial.  The Project Leader’s Mastermind group has been a fabulous resource for my professional development.  

The monthly and quarterly meetings are events I look forward to attending because the one-on-one personal interaction with like-minded professionals stimulates my own outlook and helps me keep my perspective. 

Bridget V.

Bridget V.