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About Consulting

Our unique, holistic approach is focused on Project Leadership and rooted in our operating frameworks of The Roeder Method™ and the application of our people centered principles in A Sixth Sense for Project Management®.

Organizations have unique needs when implementing change and taking on project initiatives. Our consulting efforts involve understanding your business, your people, and your culture. Coupled and aligned with our expertise, experience, and knowledge, we capture the full impact and scope of an engagement to deliver success and ensure strategy alignment.

With a combination of skills and expertise and comprehensive understanding of how organizations work, we apply our approach, The Roeder Method™, to get results.

Aligned and fully integrated into our consulting approach are the people centered principles of A Sixth Sense for Project Management®. Utilizing this proprietary toolkit, our team is focused on understanding your business and your people and ensuring critical interpersonal components are part of the scope, execution and successful outcomes of all change and project results.

Roeder Consulting gets things done and drives positive change by helping organizations improve the success of their project initiatives through three Consulting service offering paths.

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The Roeder Method™
A Sixth Sense for Project Management®

Project Leadership

If more of your project goals were achieved, what would that mean for your profitability? For morale? For your mission?

Based on 20+ years of experience, extensive research, and our intellectual curiosity, The Roeder Method™ works.

Change Management

There is nothing permanent except change” ~ Heraclitus of Ephesus

Change is transition and all change involves people. We are seeing major shifts and transitions today within technologies, workplace environments, and skills development. Managing change is critical. Roeder Consulting has the experience and expertise to help you create the environment and develop the tools to manage change.

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Project Examples

CONSULTING – Financial Sector

One of the largest national bank-finance financial services companies in the United States had a vision to enhance their commercial credit risk data foundation by building improved analytical capabilities to better understand, capture, connect, and leverage data across the organization. This meant they needed to know how the end-to-end operations functioned today, what tools and...

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CONSULTING – Entertainment Sector

Roeder Consulting was engaged by the executive steering group of one of the largest regional amusement park operators in the world to assess their project execution methods and make recommendations on how they can improve construction operations and overall organizational strategies around project delivery success through a Project Efficiency Initiative.   Following Roeder Consulting’s Project Management...

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CONSULTING – Non Profit Sector

A non-profit public relations organization with a track record of delivering complex projects in record time needed to develop a better, less hectic way of getting things done. While delivering success wasn’t an issue, the burden and toll taken on team members was identified as a risk. Roeder’s client needed to perform an assessment on...

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