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Project Metrics

Earned Value Management: This article provides an overview of Earned Value use including detailed calculation examples. Tres provides practical insight and caution for when to use Earned Value Management. “Because EVM is only measuring completion of tasks against budget, it can be misleading. For example, let’s say you’re leading an effort where the value is … Read more

Roeder Consulting’s Weatherhead 100 Award

Roeder Consulting is proud to announce it has been honored with The Weatherhead 100 Enterprise Award for 2023. This prestigious award, presented by Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, recognizes the fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio. It is Roeder Consulting’s fifth Weatherhead 100 Award.

Managing Deadlines

This article discusses how to negotiate an unrealistic deadline. In the article, Tres provides his recommendation – Effective Communication “My recommendation to project managers is that instead of saying ‘no,’ lay out options for the person/people asking for the unrealistic timeline,” says Tres Roeder, president of Roeder Consulting in Cleveland. “Explain the trade-offs. For example, … Read more

Project Risk Management

This article on Project Risk Management emphases the importance of maximizing the chances of project success and offering valuable expert tips on managing and reducing risk. Tres stresses the need to be vigilant regarding risks and the reality that “Things change”. “At the early stages, risk management will help the team identify and understand the … Read more

Project Timelines

The article provides a detailed guide on creating a project timeline, emphasizing its role in enabling project members to focus on the project’s goal. Tres zeros in on the need to put people into the timeline formula. “A timeline should include an allocation of time for people to get comfortable with the changes. Most who … Read more