Advanced Project Stakeholder Management

A PMI Certified Training Course by Roeder Consulting

Stakeholders in a project make decisions, provide input, deliver work, and impact your project's success. Stakeholders may be the project team, functional management, a project sponsor, and most importantly, the customer. Anyone who participates in the project or is impacted by its results is a stakeholder. Each project stakeholder has an essential contribution to make and all stakeholder expectations need to be met. It's the responsibility of the project manager to understand how to identify, manage and clarify stakeholder direction.

This dynamic course teaches you the ins and outs of project stakeholder management. Roeder Consulting applies cutting-edge science to real-world expertise to deliver tangible techniques for project stakeholder management.

8 PDUs / 8 Hours

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Learning Objectives

We combined our hands-on experience corralling high performing stakeholder teams with the latest Leadership research to create this interactive workshop, where you will learn:

  • Roeder Consulting’s unique tool to help you determine who the stakeholders are in a project, and what their true perspective is
  • A method to categorize project stakeholders
  • Tools to track project stakeholders
  • Techniques to manage project stakeholders based on their category


By using the take-away skills from this course, you will be able to immediately:

  • Lead your project stakeholders more effectively
  • Redirect stakeholder questions into project stakeholder directions
  • Identify barriers before they occur
  • Positively impact your project success and personal growth

Course Overview - 8 PDUs

Our experienced experts will lead you through our Project Stakeholder Management model, giving you skills to lead any type of project.

Step 1: Detect
Find all of your stakeholders, even those who might not show up until later in the project life-cycle.

Step 2: Categorize
Categorize your stakeholders by interests, motivational factors, and overall level of support.

Step 3: Align
Get all your stakeholders productively engaged in your project. Learn tools to manage out of bounds stakeholders. Gauge how things are going as the project progresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What organizations is Roeder Consulting affiliated with currently?"
Roeder Consulting is a Registered Education Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI).
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Yes. Our courses and monthly webinars are certified by PMI and the IIBA to provide credits for each of its respective members to earn their continuing education credits to maintain their professional certifications.
"How many PDUs can be earned during a workshop?"
  • Our In-Person courses are 8 PDUs or 15 PDUs, depending on the course
  • Our Online, live courses are 8 PDUs or 15 PDUs
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Please see course for specific PDU / CDU credit.

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Yes, depending on the timing of your registration change. Please see ourCancellation Policy.
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Just like group discounts, Roeder Consulting can offer you discounted rates on purchases of multiple courses. Contact our Sales Department at 216-342-4015 or [email protected] for more information.
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Just a few of the testimonials from our students ...

  • "Tres, I loved your presentation style and A Sixth Sense for Project Management is so much more than a seminar. It gives us the tools to unlock some of the doors of the business world and your strategies are, I believe, key to our success as Project Managers. You motivate and inspire us to exceed our potential and everyone should follow your advice to reach the next level. Loaded with great ideas, you are one of the most positive and entertaining speakers to appear in a long time. Thank You!"
  • "Great diversity and knowledge of topics; seemed to be speaking from experience; good job applying the topics to project management. Good pace."

  • "What an excellent use of time! It was compact, concise and offered great ways for peers to collaborate on complex relationship, organizational and cultural issues we all experience as PMs at some point in our careers."

  • "This was one of the best sessions I have attended in several years. The instructors were all very interesting- there was not a time when I lost interest or became distracted."

  • "The Leadership seminar was very informative and valuable to my role as a manager. The speaker kept the interest of the class members through a variety of training methods including interactive sessions. Sixth Sense raises you to another level!"

  • "The best program I’ve attended in the past 2 years."

  • “All presenters did a great job. Enjoyed this very much, very informative and helpful.”

  • “This was one of the most valuable course I have ever taken. However, I recognize that I must practice the concepts learned in the class for them to be effective. Some concepts stuck out to me. I plan to practice them, in particular.”

  • “Good, would have liked to have a 3 day course or something similar to explore further.”

  • “Clear, concise and interesting… all 3 speakers were fantastic.”

  • "The experience exceeded expectations. If given the opportunity to do it over again, I would."

  • “Steven [Hayward] was very entertaining which helped to keep everyone’s focus.”

  • "This was an excellent introduction to using Microsoft Project. I am new to using Project. I have been attempting to use the software for the past couple months using tutorials from the Microsoft site and miscellaneous pieces of information found online. None of those provided the overall view of how the features of the software tie into managing a project. This course provided the missing link that I needed to better use the tool in my daily tasks."

  • “Our Negotiations class was very fun and informative. The case really drew me out of my comfort zone and showed me what is not working in my Daily Project Negotiations”

  • “Probably the most engaging course I have ever been “required" to take.”